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20-05-22. THE LAND PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT (GUERNSEY) LAW, 2005 Land Planning and Development (Special Controls) Ordinance, 2007 ———— NOTIFICATION OF ENTRY IN THE PROTECTED BUILDINGS LIST La Croix Deli, North Side, Vale, Ref: C006320000-PB1738 Quayside House, North Side, Vale, Ref: C006320000-PB1737 NOTIFICATION OF AMENDMENT TO THE PROTECTED BUILDINGS LIST Bella Luce Hotel, La Fosse De Bas, St. Martin, Ref: J012840000-PB1529 NOTIFICATION OF REMOVAL FROM THE PROTECTED BUILDINGS LIST Vryburg, Rue Sauvage, St. Sampson, Ref: B015600000-PB1050 As required by Section 4(1)(b) of the Land Planning and Development (Special Controls) Ordinance, 2007 notice is given that the Development & Planning Authority has amended the protected buildings and monuments list. Copies of the lists may be inspected during normal office hours at the Planning Services’ offices at Sir Charles Frossard House or the website GP023383/05/19
20-05-22. The Old Elizabethan Association gives notice of the intention to print and publish Volume V of the Elizabeth College Register in September 2022. ———— Volume V will include personal, school and career records of all College students with school numbers 7044 to 9100 inclusive, unless the individual has requested not to be included. An addenda to previous volumes covering school numbers up to 7043 will also be included. Any individual who would prefer their information not to be included within Volume V is requested to contact the Old Elizabethan Association via Elizabeth College on 01481 728217 or before 1 July 2022. GP023554/05/31
20-05-22. THG OMEGA LIMITED (Company No.: 59064) (in Guernsey Members’ Voluntary Liquidation) (the “Company”) ———— NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Company adopted the following special and ordinary resolution on 17 May 2022: SPECIAL RESOLUTION • THAT the Company be and is hereby wound-up voluntarily pursuant to section 391 (1) (b) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008. ORDINARY RESOLUTION • THAT Sharifah Morris of Solve Limited be hereby appointed as Liquidator of the Company with powers to act for the purpose of such winding up. Creditors having claims against the Company are required to prove their debts on or before 10 June 2022 by sending full details of their claims to the Liquidator. Creditors must also, if so requested by the Liquidator, provide such further details and documentary evidence to support their claims as the Liquidator deems necessary. The Company is able to pay all its known liabilities in full. Sharifah Morris Solve Limited Les Vardes House, La Charotterie St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1EL GP023689/05/20