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26-08-16. MARY ROSE GREEN (née Roger), DECEASED ––––– NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all heirs or potential heirs claiming to be beneficially interested in the Real Estate of MARY ROSE GREEN (née Roger), deceased (the “Deceased”) late of Raimarie, Bailiff’s Cross Road, Saint Andrew, Guernsey who died on 5th December, 2015, that an application will be made to the Ordinary Division of the Royal Court of Guernsey at 9.30am on Friday 2nd September 2016 by RAINARD GERALD GREEN for the following orders:1. an Administration Order pursuant to Section 4 of The Law Reform (Inheritance and Miscellaneous Provisions) (Guernsey) Law, 2006 (the “Law”) of all the Real Estate of the Deceased; and 2. the appointment of RAINARD GERALD GREEN as the Administrator of the Real Estate of the Deceased; WHEREUPON the aforesaid applications being granted, the Administrator will apply to the Court for a further order:3. that upon the sale of any of the Real Estate of the Deceased by the Administrator that the Administrator shall be permitted to immediately distribute such proceeds of sale without further application to the Royal Court
26-08-16. ROBUS GROUP LIMITED ICED TEA LIMITED HALO HOLDINGS LIMITED (together the “Companies”) ––––– NOTICE is hereby given under section 64(4) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008, as amended (the “Companies Law”), by the directors of each of the above Companies to all creditors of the Companies of the proposed amalgamation of Robus Group Limited (a Guernsey registered company with registration number 53861), Iced Tea Limited (a Guernsey registered company with registration number 61036) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Halo Holdings Limited (a Guernsey registered company with registration number 51893), the amalgamated company to continue as Robus Group Limited. Copies of the amalgamation proposal (as required by section 63 of the Companies Law) relating to the amalgamation are available for inspection by any member or creditor of any of the Companies or any other person to whom any of the Companies is under any obligation or liability, at the registered office of each of the Companies (being Town Mills, Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 6HS) during normal business hours and copies of the amalgamation proposal are available free of charge to any such person upon request