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22-04-19. PARISH OF ST ANDREW REMEDE ———— The Constables of the Parish of St Andrew hereby give notice that they will apply to the Royal Court at 9.30am on Friday 26 April 2019 for permission to levy the sum of SIXTY TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THREE POUNDS (£62,303.00) by way of Owner’s Rate and the further sum of EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS (£88,350.00) by way of Refuse Rate for the year 2019, all in accordance with the deliberations of the Ratepayers and Electros at their meetings held on Friday 12 April 2019. The applicable rates for the assessable value of Cadastre categories may be inspected at St Andrew’s Douzaine Room, St Andrew’s. Mr M. Thwaite Mr P Ward . Constables (JT667159/04/22