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We've published Guernsey's official notices since the 19th century. We publish notices where a legal requirement exists for the public to be notified, and notices of public interest.

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Notices in general are matters that need to be brought to the attention of the public. They fall into three categories - official, statutory and public interest - and may be required by law.


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19 April 2024 #Legal

John Cecil Mahy - NOTICE IS GIVEN that all creditors and others having any claims

JOHN CECIL MAHY NOTICE IS GIVEN that all creditors and others having any claims against or claiming to be beneficially interested in the estate of John Cecil Mahy, late...
19 April 2024 #Community and society

Vale Mooring Committee

VALE MOORINGS COMMITTEES The Constables of the Vale request boat owners, with registered moorings at Bordeaux, Les Amarreurs, Chouet, and Rousse, to attend a meeting in...
19 April 2024 #Legal

Administration Order and appoint of Administrator - R S Langford

Roy Sloman Langford Deceased NOTICE IS GIVEN to all heirs or potential heirs claiming to be beneficially interested in the real estate of Roy Sloman Langford late of 106...
18 April 2024 #Legal

Abandoned vehicles

“ABANDONED VEHICLES The following vehicles have been abandoned at Ridgeway Vinery, Rue des Pointes, St Andrews GY6 8UJ without authorisation and will be removed and disposed...
18 April 2024 #Legal

Alton Investments LP (No. 4424)

Alton Investments LP (No. 4424) Notice is hereby given that the General Partner of Alton Investments LP (the “Partnership”) has resolved that in accordance with Part IV of...
18 April 2024 #Legal

Carbon Green Investments Guernsey Limited

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the directors of Carbon Green Investments Guernsey Limited with company number 52744 (the Company), under section 92 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law,...