How to use the Gazette Online.

The Gazette website provides free access to current and historic public notices for researchers, the legal profession and the general public free of charge. Notices published in the Gazette are typically also printed in the Guernsey Press's Gazette pages, for maximum public visibility. If you plan to create an official record of fact, you must be a registered user of the Gazette and logged into our system.

User Accounts

User accounts come in two flavours - individual and organisational. Members of the public who need to post a one-off notice should create an individual account. If you are posting on behalf of a company, government body, or parish, you will need to create (or join) an organisation account. Members of an organisation account can view and publish notices from other members. Visit this link to log in or register.

Inviting Users
If you are already a member of an organisation and would like to add others, visit the "Users" link within your Account to invite them. The "Invite User" dialog allows you to choose whether the invitee will be an Administrator or a User. Administrator may invite other users, pay for notices, and publish notices. Users may create notices but cannot pay for or publish them.

Placing a Notice

To find out what a notice is, what types of notices are allowed and who may place a notice, please visit this page.

To place a notice, go to the "Place Notice" link in your dashboard. Our system supports either directly typing and formatting your notice content online in the supplied form fields, or uploading a Word document containing your notice content. If your content requires complex formatting - like tables, lists or indentation - Word documents are most appropriate. For simple textual notices, we recommend creating or pasting the content into our online form.

Print vs digital
All notices appear online once published. They will also be printed in the newspaper version of the Gazette on each day that you select to have it printed.

The print workflow
Notices entered online and supplied in uploaded Word documents do not translate directly to the printable layout that is required by the newspaper version of the Gazette. Our team will typeset the document you upload and post a “print proof” back to the system once this process is complete. You will receive an email notification from this website containing the proof for review.

Making edits
Because the public record is immutable once printed, when you submit a notice to be published, it can no longer be edited. Should you need to make a factual correction, you must contact the team at Guernsey Press who may be able to change the notice content for you, provided it has not yet gone to print.

Organisation crests & logos
You may display an official crest at the top of both your print and digital notice. If you are publishing as an organistation, the relevant tick-box will appear in the final step of placing your notice. Bear in mind that for printed notices, this may increase the cost of publication.

Notice Charges

Notices are charged for using credits. The number of credits for a notice is determined by a combination of character count and vertical space (generally made up of paragraphs and table rows) called "character depth". Each credit costs £{{ pricePerCredit.toFixed(2) }} and buys up to {{ charactersPerCredit }} characters. The following table shows the maximum number of characters, credits and cost for typical notice sizes.

Size Max Characters Credits Price
Small {{ charactersPerCredit * 10 }} 10 £{{ (pricePerCredit * 10).toFixed(2) }}
Medium {{ charactersPerCredit * 18 }} 18 £{{ (pricePerCredit * 18).toFixed(2) }}
Medium {{ charactersPerCredit * 32 }} 32 £{{ (pricePerCredit * 32).toFixed(2) }}
XL {{ charactersPerCredit * 40 }} 40 £{{ (pricePerCredit * 40).toFixed(2) }}

Please note that 1 credit = 50 units of character depth.

Credits & subscription
Notices may be paid for either online with a credit card or with "credits" assigned to your account. Credits are assigned to your account on a monthly subscription basis if you have agreed a subscription with us. Discounts are available to organisations that subscribe to monthly credits, depending on volume. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your account set up and the possibility of subscribing to credits.


How do I make an edit to my published notice?
You will need to contact us. If the notice has not gone to print, we may be able to change the content for you, delay, or even cancel publication.

If your notice has gone to print, it is not possible to change either the printed or digital version. A correcting notice will need to be issued that refers to the previous notice and corrects any inaccuracy.

How long before the print date do I need to enter my notice?
Notices submitted before 12pm Monday-Friday can be printed as soon as the following day's Gazette. Notices for a Monday publication must also be submitted by 12pm on Friday, at the latest.

Can I just email you my notice like I used to?
Yes, however you will be invoiced an additional £50 administrative fee per notice that is not submitted through this platform.

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