Placing a Notice

How to publish in the Gazette online & in print.

The Gazette provides a permanent, official public record of important statutory and non-statutory notices. Many notices that are placed in The Gazette are required by law (statutory), and many others are published because it is deemed to be in the public interest that the information they contain be made available in the public domain. Statutory notices can only be placed by people who have the authority to create an official record of fact.

What a notice is

Notices in general are matters that need to be brought to the attention of the public. They fall into three categories: official, statutory and public interest.

Types of notices:

  • Official - Government & Parish
    • Legislation
    • Transport
    • Planning
    • Health
    • Legislation
    • Tax
  • Statutory - Legal
    • Insolvency & Administration
    • Winding Up
    • Change of Name & Next of Kin
    • Deceased Estate
    • Company Legal
  • Public Interest

A notice is not:

  • A family notice such as the announcement of a birth, marriage or death
  • An advertisement for goods or services
  • An advertisement for employment
  • A personal advertisment or message
  • Any form of solicitation
  • Any other form of personal or business advertising or publishing

Who may place a notice?

Anyone may place an informational notice. However, statutory and government notices can only be placed by people who have the authority to create an official record of fact – for example, civil servants, parish officials, insolvency practitioners, solicitors, or executors of a will.

How to place a notice

To place a notice, you must have an account on this website. Once signed in, you may use the tools provided to generate your notice and schedule it for publication. For help with using our system, please visit this help page.

Where & when your notice will be published

You may choose to publish notices on the next available print date or at any future date of publication. For printing on the following day, notices must be published by 12 noon on the previous day, excepting Monday where the notice must be published by 12 noon on Friday. All notices appear online once published, and in the newspaper Gazette. The newspaper Gazette can be found daily within the pages of the Guernsey Press.


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